Thursdays 9am-10am PT

Location: Zoom 


In this class I’ll share fundamental meditation and Qigong practices that are close to my heart and that I have culminated over a lifetime of exploring this Ancient Health & Wellness Practice from China. Class will cover: Mindset, Mental Cultivation, Environment for Practice, Posture, Breathing, Meditations and Visualizations, Standing Practices, Practices for Joint Mobility, Strength, and Flexibility.

"When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be"

- Lao Tzu




Thursdays 7pm-9pm PT

Location: The Realm Creative Academy, Santa Monica, CA 


Kuntao Silat is a Indo-Chinese martial art.
Is ifluenced by kung Fu, Tai chi, Bagua, Xhing I, and Silat the martial arts form found in Indonesia, the Philippians, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei & southern Thailand.

There are Thousands of islands in Indonesia alone & hundreds of styles of Kung Fu in China, the blending of many of these martial arts styles over centuries in a vast land mass has lead to some of the most unique, diverse and
practical martial arts systems for close quarter combat in unarmed and edged weapon encounters.

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Tuesday 6pm-7pm PT

Location: The Realm Creative Academy, Santa Monica, CA


In this class, I'll profound knowledge and personal experiences in meditation and Qigong, drawing from a lifetime of exploring the ancient health and wellness practices from China. The class focuses on fundamental practices that have been carefully cultivated over time. Topics covered include mindset and mental cultivation, creating an optimal environment for practice, correct posture, mindful breathing techniques, various meditations, and visualization exercises. The class also delves into standing practices that promote balance and energy flow, as well as exercises to enhance joint mobility, strength, and flexibility. Students can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of these practices and their benefits for overall well-being and vitality..

"Everything that irritate us about others can lead us to an understanding about ourselves"

- Carl Jung



Every 3rd Saturday of the month 12pm-1:30pm PT

Location: Zoom 


In this class I’ll teach 5 Element Qigong which is an ancient Asian system of health and self-development that utilizes slow circular, repetitive movements which invoke a sense of inner peace and relaxation while cultivating strength and
vitality. Each movement and posture harmonizes a specific element in the body thus nourishing a corresponding organ system and positively affecting the practitioners health and well being.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

- Rumi