Befriending the Dragon   

Saturday, 9/24

7am-9:30am PST /

15-17:30 BST

Location: Zoom via TriYoga

*access to online recording for 7 days

My workshop uses practices from yoga, qigong and martial arts to explore how we can access our own innate power, develop our energetic awareness and strengthen our emotional resilience. I call this process “befriending the dragon” and it offers an opportunity to shine a light on our fears, move through emotions and towards wisdom, ultimately teaching us how to tap into our natural wellspring of energy.

Drawing on coaching and hands-on healing techniques as well as physical practice traditions, in this workshop you’ll explore how to express yourself freely, learn how to manage stress, anxiety and depression, enhance your creativity, improve your communication with others, and learn how to cultivate agency and joy. Ancient and modern breathing practices will be shared for you to develop resilience, focus and inner strength, and you’ll be encouraged to feel and express energy through focused movement and stillness.

Relevant to everyone, this workshop may be especially suitable for anyone struggling mentally or emotionally, who feels isolated or in need of support. In particular, if you feel at a crossroads in your life or worn down by day to day stress or a specific event, it will help to guide you towards living your life to the full with awareness and compassion for yourself.