3 Archeypal Pillars of Qigong: 

The Warrior, the Healer & the Visionary to Age Powerfully & Gracefully


7-Week Live Video | Starting Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Embody the warrior, healer, and visionary archetypes of Qigong using conscious movement, focused intention, and self-mastery practices that energize your personal power, and inspire greater mental, emotional, and physical agility.

Explore how the 5 Elements of Qigong — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water — can help you regulate your energy, balance emotions, and develop functional strength.

How are you priming your mind, body, and spirit for sustained health and wellbeing? If you already have a regular movement practice, are you experiencing benefits on all levels of being?

The archetypes of the three pillars of Qigong — the warrior, healer, and visionary — can help you engage your physical and energetic anatomy as a holistic self-regulation tool...

... one that inspires inner vision, strengthens your functional and spiritual capacity, and expands your ability to pivot with clarity, ease, and courage as you navigate life’s many challenges.

Archetypes are universal energies holding an array of characteristics you can access at any time, and can be powerful allies to your health and life goals.

Cultivating the warrior, healer, and visionary archetypes within through Qigong practices that are as multidynamic as you are marks a profound journey into what Qigong teacher Matthew Cohen calls intentional health...

... health that you create by building energy around an intention and moving it through your body with loving awareness.

This insightful 7-week course with Matthew will teach you potent techniques culled from an array of wisdom teachings, Qigong movements, bioenergetic principles, and Matthew’s own Sacred Energy Arts system.

These will help you create intentional health as you awaken and empower the warrior, healer, and visionary archetypes within you.

If you’re looking for a movement practice that not only meets you where you are on your journey but also harmonizes the subtle energies of your mind, body, and spirit to help you remain balanced, focused, and calm — you’ll definitely want to join us!

This journey begins with learning how to work with and not against yourself — and the universal forces within and outside of you — to gain resilience and befriend the many challenges and uncertainties of modern living...

... as untapped resources of strength, centeredness, and peace that can positively transform your health and life once integrated into your greater wholeness.


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Knife Defense Applications

Online via Zoom

February 28th (6:30 - 8pm EST)

Dive into the art of self-defense with our Knife Defense Applications Online Workshop. This immersive session is designed to equip you with practical skills and strategies to effectively defend against attacks. The workshop covers a range of scenarios, teaching you how to respond swiftly and decisively.

From understanding an attacker to mastering evasive maneuvers, this workshop ensures you gain the confidence and competence needed for real-world situations. Join us for a dynamic and comprehensive exploration of knife defense, empowering yourself with invaluable knowledge and practical techniques. Your safety is our priority—let's sharpen your defense skills together.

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SEA Radiance & Resilience 

Live at Yoga Soup

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 (3 - 5pm PT)

$60 ($50 Pre Sale before 3/15)

Explore the transformative power of conscious breath and Qigong in this workshop. Learn practical breath techniques for lifelong well-being. Experience the harmonizing movements of Qigong, blending energy cultivation and balance. Dive into Sacred Energy Arts, an integration of Qigong, Yoga, and Martial Arts, connecting you with inner wisdom and strength.

Cultivate emotional fluency, navigating feelings with ease. Unlock your mind's potential as an ally through mindfulness and meditation for clarity and focus. Whether a beginner or seasoned practitioner, gain practical tools for a harmonious and vibrant life.

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Spring Qigong workshop (Movement For Modern Life)

Online via Zoom

Sunday, March 24th, 2024 (4 - 6pm GMT)

£35 (Suggested price)

It’s time to slough off your winter listlessness. After the winter, many of us feel drained, depleted of energy. This workshop will suit those of us who just feel a bit depleted and would like to feel more energised and a sense of vitality. If you are busy, tired, overwhelmed, or suffer from fatigue or a sense of listlessness, this workshop will be perfect for you.

This workshop is about learning to your capacity to cultivate, feel, receive, integrate and express the gift of Qi! (Energy).

Springtime is the perfect time to rejuvenate our practice. To harness the natural light and energy of nature and take the time to learn the practices which will give us natural energy and strength – a spring in our step!

The hallmark of qigong is to express energy in free and creative ways and to engage in an intentional life.

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Cultivate life force with Kripalu

4 Day retreat on Kripalu Campus

August 1st - 4th 

Join me for a four-day exploration into qigong, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and martial arts. SEA is a unique experience, drawn from a lifetime of exploration and inquiry, that brings together the most meaningful and effective teachings.

Let me guide you to unlock your true potential as you:

- Channel the power of breath and use it as your ally.
- Cultivate and manage your vital life force, or Qi.
- Experience the unique and powerful combination of yoga, martial arts, and qigong.
- Develop emotional fluency and create a practice that will last a lifetime

Finish the program understanding how these various ancient and progressive disciplines inform and strengthen each other—and offer us a deep well of knowledge and inspiration.

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