Healers path, Warriors path

Online via Zoom

Saturday, May 11th (09:15am - 10:30pm PT)


In our time together you will learn how to develop aligned action, cultivate your most precious gift, your mind, begin to regulate your energy, deepen your root & connection to the earth, learn how to adjust & fine tune your daily practice with internal heavenly body changing practices.

Session Highlights:
- Internal arts body changing practices
- Breath as your ally
- Mind as your ally 
- Energy cultivation
- Aligned action
- How to quickly change your state
Develop a deeper root

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Summer Qigong workshop: Practices of the heart (Movement For Modern Life)

Online via Zoom

Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 (11am - 1pm PT)

£35 (Suggested price)

Summer, associated with the fire element, the heart, and joy, sets the perfect backdrop for this workshop.

Dive deep into practices that bring more heart to your daily routines. Learn the art of listening to your heart, amplifying its strength, clarity, openness, and fullness. Experience the cultivation, feeling, reception, integration, and expression of the gift of Qi (Energy) through various heart-opening practices from yoga, Qigong, shamanism, and breathwork.

Summer is the perfect time to tune into the joy in our lives through our practice. To harness the heat of the sun to fuel and drive us forwards with energy and power to create and cultivate our desires.

Qigong’s essence lies in the free and creative cultivation and expression of energy.

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Cultivate life force with Kripalu

4 Day retreat on Kripalu Campus

August 1st - 4th 

Join me for a four-day exploration into qigong, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and martial arts. SEA is a unique experience, drawn from a lifetime of exploration and inquiry, that brings together the most meaningful and effective teachings.

Let me guide you to unlock your true potential as you:

- Channel the power of breath and use it as your ally.
- Cultivate and manage your vital life force, or Qi.
- Experience the unique and powerful combination of yoga, martial arts, and qigong.
- Develop emotional fluency and create a practice that will last a lifetime

Finish the program understanding how these various ancient and progressive disciplines inform and strengthen each other—and offer us a deep well of knowledge and inspiration.

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Sacred Energy Arts Immersion

Retreat on OMEGA Campus

September 15th - 20th 

Drawn from a lifetime of exploration and inquiry into the martial, yogic, and healing arts, Sifu Matthew Cohen created and founded The Sacred Energy Arts (SEA). Discover this integrated method for healing and self-discovery in a 5-day SEA immersion.

Experience the powerful intersection of ancient and progressive disciplines, including meditation, qigong, breathwork, yoga, and martial arts, and explore the ways in which each informs and strengthens the others. Join in solo and group practices, lectures, demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and journaling in order to:

  • Cultivate and manage your vital life force (qi)
  • Develop emotional fluency
  • Heighten your awareness
  • Unlock the power of breath
  • Increase balance in your life

No prior experience or preparation is needed. This workshop can be adapted to all levels.

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