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Malibu Healing Center
21355 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu,CA 90265


Qigong is an amazing system of “energy-exercise” from ancient China. Qigong is the cultivation and management of the life force (chi, prana, élan vital) used to create and maintain radiant health and well being. Qigong is like music - there are hundreds of variations in method and rhythm yet all have a few essential, common, unifying factors: Practices of stillness and action are balanced. Movements are generally slow, circular, repetitive, graceful and flowing. Each movement is linked to the breath and the intention.

Most Qigong has Taoist and shamanic roots and focuses on * being in harmony with nature and our surroundings. Practicing Qigong creates a feeling of inner and outer peace and well being. Its power is in its simplicity. If our intention, our energy, and our actions are aligned we will be healthy. If our heart and mind are working in concert, we will be healthy. Qigong promotes the un-obstructed flow of life energy (chi) in order to restore and create balance in our system.



Currently not being offered.

Malibu Healing Center
21355 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu,CA 90265 

Experience the unique practice of Sacred Energy Arts with Matthew Cohen in this exploration into the fusion of Hatha Yoga, Qigong, Breath, Meditation and Poetry. Seamlessly move from one discipline and expression to the next. This class is the hallmark of the Sacred Energy Arts Multi-disciplinary approach. This practice builds strength, flexibility and awareness.


Martial Arts

kun tao silat . kung fu

Every Thursday 7-9pm

$40 Drop In
*New Students Free*

Hotchkiss Park

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Martial Arts have been taught for thousands of years as a method of self-preservation against the elements, animals and man as well as for sport.
Practicing martial arts is a way to develop and maintain strength, flexibility, sharp reflexes, self-confidence and self-control. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce and even release one's fear response in the world.

Matthew has been practicing Martial Arts for over 30 years. He holds the title of Sifu (father, teacher) in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. Matthew is a 5th degree black belt in Tai Mantis Kung Fu under Grand Master Kam Yuen (who rocketed to fame for being the technical advisor for the T.V. series Kung Fu in the early 1970's). He is also a Guru of Kun Tao Silat under Grand Master Willem de Thouars (Uncle Bill). Matthew is the west coast and European representative for Uncle Bill.

Matthew teaches martial arts to adults, black belts, police, children and seniors. His teachings focus on mental and physical discipline, physical conditioning, methods to avoid conflict, traditional forms and weapons trainings and how to integrate these ancient and progressive teachings into daily life.


Tai Chi

Currently not being offered.

Malibu Healing Center
21355 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu,CA 90265 

Sacred Energy Arts Tai Chi combines both traditional and progressive methods. The basic form derives from Cheng Man Ching, the renowned Tai Chi master who taught in New York City in the 1960’s and 1970’s, himself a student of the legendary Yang Cheng Fu, 3rd generation of the Yang Family. Chang’s Tai Chi emphasizes deep root, complete release of tension, softening the body, and vertical alignment. To this basic structure of movement and energetic principles, Matthew brings elements of related arts- Kung Fu, Qigong, Dance and Yoga – to make the movement of Tai Chi come alive on many levels.

One can expect to finish a Tai Chi class at Sacred Energy Arts feeling calmer, stronger, more relaxed, energized in a soft way, and more open in heart, mind and spirit.


Over the Past 5 years Matthew has become my good friend, my yoga teacher, my spiritual mentor and my training partner. Whether I’m sparring with him during our training sessions or stretching in a yoga pose in his class, I always feel present when I’m in Matthew’s company. I recommend Matthew to anyone who seeks to strengthen his or her physical and spiritual muscles.
— CEO American Sunrise Communities, David Grunwald